Lilly Codroipo Support

We have always been close to our customers to provide them with all the necessary information according to their needs. We are structured with product data sheets that are as clear and complete as possible, a continuously updated question and answer service (FAQ), and above all the human relationship, the aspect we most value, which we handle directly or through our network of qualified resellers. Continue through this section to find the most direct access routes to the support you need.

Ready to assist you with a direct contact in Italy and worldwide.

Find a dealer

Contact your nearest Lilly Codroipo dealer for a dedicated support wherever you are.

Retailers: your point of reference

When you need specific help, tailored just for you, the best assistance you can receive is from our dealers. Establishing a direct relationship with them will give you the opportunity to enter their showrooms, spread all over Italy and worldwide, to touch the quality of the Lilly Codroipo products with your own hands and to appreciate their functionality that facilitates an efficient, quick and safe work.

Useful Information

The most frequently requested information concerns the technical characteristics of Lilly Codroipo products, their use and maintenance for a long-term life. We often also provide advice on which items to buy for different needs. We have thus already collected all the answers for you to get what you want right away, quickly and easily, without even a phone call. Happy reading.

See the FAQs

We have collected the most frequently asked questions, divided by topic and already provided with answers.

Request contact

If you have questions that are unanswered on this page, you can fill in the form and use it to submit your requests. We will have the most appropriate person contact you to give you assistance.