Peels for baking: technical specifications

Baking and taking out of the oven peels are used to move the pizza inside the oven and take it out of the oven.

The peel plate can have a round shape, which is a classic shape for the baking peel, or a semi-oval shape. The latter is designed and made to allow the pizza to be reached more easily even when there are several of them close together inside the oven, without touching the other ones.

The plate can be solid or perforated: perforation allows a lighter product; furthermore, during pizza handling, the friction between the holes and the dough allows excess flour to be removed.

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Each peel is equipped with a moulded peel plate and a shaped tube, firmly secured by three stainless steel rivets. The shaping of the tube allows the pizza to easily climb up the tube when being taken out of the oven and, on the back of the peel, it reduces the contact between the tube and the refractory, thus preventing rubbing.

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Each peel has an ergonomic wooden or plastic (polypropylene) end piece with a hole to hang the product.

In almost all models, there is an ergonomic wooden or plastic (polypropylene) slider, which is necessary when using longer cooking peels in order to have control over the movement of the blade, and a slider stop, consisting of a stainless steel insert in the handle, which blocks the sliding of the slider towards the blade plate.

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