Oven handling and cleaning tools: the materials used

Tubes, brackets and oven accessories

The tubes, brackets and oven accessories are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

This features excellent qualities of mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, and is therefore suitable for oven accessories and brushes that are exposed to the heat of the oven and need resistance to deterioration.


The brushes consist of a multi-layered beechwood base where the fibres , which can be brass, natural fibre or stainless steel, are inserted.

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Brass Brushes

The brass brushes are heat-resistant and not too hard so as not to scratch the oven base during cleaning. In addition, being flexible, they best brush the oven surface from flour and ash.

They are mainly recommended for wood-fired ovens where there is an open flame.

Natural Fibre Brushes

Natural fibre brushes are made from a vegetable fibre (palm bark) and are recommended for electric or gas ovens, where there is no open flame.

Stainless steel brushes

AISI 304 stainless steel brushes are used for cleaning steel griddles and grids, not used for oven cleaning due to the hardness of the fibres which would damage the refractory plate.

The brushes are equipped with a bracket with a scraper to scrape off possible incrustations on the hob.
The attachment of the bracket with the tube is made by means of stainless steel rivets, which join the parts in a solid, strong and durable way.

Some models have a swivel attachment on which the brush is fixed, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the position of the brush in relation to the handle, thus making it easier to clean even the most difficult parts of the oven.