Oven handling and cleaning tools: technical specifications

Each product has an ergonomic wooden or plastic (polypropylene) end piece that is purposely slotted and has a hole to hang the product.

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Wood-fired oven accessories

The attachment of the tool (scraper, shovel for embers, embers puller) with the tube is made by means of stainless steel rivets that press the parts together in a solid, strong and durable manner.

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Scrubbing brushes

The brushes can be rectangular or half-moon shaped, the latter shape allowing for more thorough cleaning of the corners of the oven hob.

The brush is attached to the support bracket by screws, allowing it to be easily replaced.

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The brushes are equipped with a bracket with a scraper to scrape off possible incrustations on the hob.
The attachment of the bracket with the tube is made by means of stainless steel rivets, which join the parts in a solid, strong and durable way.

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Some models have a swivel attachment on which the brush is fixed, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the position of the brush in relation to the handle, thus making it easier to clean even the most difficult parts of the oven.

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