We want the purchase of Lilly Codroipo products to be a shopping experience as informed and positive as possible.

That is the reason why we always recommend our dealers, a source of benefits for you, and if they are not available to you, we find the solution as explained here.

We recommend dealers because...

The dealer is a guarantee

because he knows all the products well. Any advice he gives on how to use them can be extremely helpful. Take advantage of it!

Consultation is an essential service.

A dealer is also a synonym for product advice. His professionalism can save you from making wrong choices, especially at the start.

Touching is unparalleled.

The buying experience in which you grab the products in your own hands is unparalleled because you weigh, you experience the movements, you see the proportions, you can test the materials.

Turn to our dealers for your orders: they will know how to best satisfy your requests.

If your area is uncovered or for any other impediment, please contact us.

How to purchase

Lilly Codroipo always suggests ordering through retailers.

If this is not possible, then write to us using the form on the Contact page. Alternatively, we provide you with a reserved area which is accessible, upon our authorization, from this website, to forward your product requests. After collecting your specific request and all necessary data, our internal staff will suggest the best solution for you to make your purchases.

Ready to get started? Just recognise yourself in one of the conditions below, and follow the indicated route. See you soon!

To make shopping easier, please consult our Help and FAQs.

Selection guide

A quick and easy way to help you make an informed choice of the products best suited to you.

We advise you in your selections

In a range of 400 professional products, such as the Lilly Codroipo one, including pizza peels and minute equipment for pizzerias, delicatessens and fast-food outlets, you could get lost, we know. For this reason, we have prepared a Choice Guide that helps you to take the right decision for you in just 3 steps, and thus select which quality, strictly Made in Italy products, to purchase. Use it also to learn more about our articles.

Useful Information

The most frequently requested information concerns the technical characteristics of Lilly Codroipo products, their use and maintenance for a long-term life. We often also provide advice on which items to buy for different needs. We have thus already collected all the answers for you to get what you want right away, quickly and easily, without even a phone call. Happy reading.

See the FAQs

We have collected the most frequently asked questions, divided by topic and already provided with answers.