Home delivery products: the materials used

The used materials are polypropylene, aluminium alloys, chrome-plated steel and nylon as well as polyester-pvc fabrics.


The plastic material used for the spacers is polypropylene (PP) with non-toxic pigments, which is a lightweight yet durable material.

It is resistant to high temperatures, up to 120°C for sterilisation, and to low temperatures, -20°C for blast chillers.

For the pizza racks, the honeycomb polypropylene is used, a lightweight material that is insensitive to all atmospheric agents and absorbs shocks with good efficiency.

Aluminium alloys

The aluminium alloys, used in the laminar profiles to reinforce the pizza racks and the corresponding moped support, are light, yet resistant to vibration, shock and weathering.

Chromed steel

The steel is treated by chrome plating to provide an anti-oxidising effect.

It is used for the handles and corners of the pizza racks, and its high mechanical resistance is excellent.

Nylon and mixed polyester – pvc fabrics

The synthetic fabrics used for the backpack and thermal bags are resistant and easily sanitised, allowing the bag to be thoroughly cleaned.