Product customisation

Yes, the peels for putting into the oven with handle, the baking peels, brushes and accessories for the handling of wood-fired ovens, which are already 170 cm high, can be requested with a specific height.
Always indicate the desired TOTAL HEIGHT when ordering.
If less than the standard height there is no surcharge. If bigger (max. 220cm) the list price will be increased by 10%. Ask for a quote when purchasing.

There are different possibilities, you can choose the favourite shape and colour of the handle from the available ones, embroidery is possible on fabric products, laser engraving for production batches is also possible.
Send us your request, we will check the feasibility together.

We are manufacturers and as far as we can, we will try to meet your needs.
Contact us for a quote, stating your needs.

If you are already one of our dealers and would like a set of products specially designed for you, please contact us and together we will work out a tailor-made proposal for your customers.
If you are not yet one of our dealers, please contact us using this form.