Advice on product selection

We have a dedicated article on our blog on this topic. You can read it by clicking here.
In addition, you can already find a selection of articles in our selection guide.

It depends on the type of oven: for wood-fired or generally open-flame ovens we recommend brass brushes, while for electric or flameless ovens we recommend natural fibre brushes.
If you have a rectangular oven base, we recommend the rectangular brushes, while on ovens with a round base we recommend the half-moon brushes or the rotating rectangular models.
For more suggestions see our selection guide.

Among all the baking peels we produce, for a lighter product, we suggest to choose a model made from perforated aluminium and with a thinner blade plate thickness:

Among the baking peels, the choice undoubtedly falls on the titanium models: Titanium Cuore Peel

In order to best unload all the flour, we recommend perforated models. The best peel in our assortment that meets this requirement is definitely the Italia 3D peel.
Another excellent product is the Sole mio or the Pala Bellini peel.

There is no one product that is better than the other; the best solution depends on one’s preferences and intended use. Aluminium grids allow excellent heat transmission and thus shorten cooking time, but are less resistant and durable than stainless steel grids, which are stronger but transmit less heat.
For this reason, we recommend steel grids as a cooking support in case the oven temperature rises too high or for heating already cooked products, while aluminium grids will be more suitable for cooking frozen products or in tunnel ovens.

To optimise your space, we recommend organising your tools by using wall or pedestal supports. Also use peels and other tools with a reduced length if not needed (you can request a peel, small peel and brush of the desired height to your dealer) in order to work more comfortably.