Artisans of the third millennium

Since 1982 we have been producing Lilly Codroipo pizza peels and pizzeria utensils, still our most popular items. A true Made in Italy, designed and manufactured entirely in the country of pizza. While growing up, we avoided turning into an industry to guarantee the quality of knowledge and details. We prefer to embrace the innovation of machinery and technology to go hand in hand with the eye of experience, with the care developed by the passion for our work and the meticulous controls on every manufactured piece.

Lilly Codroipo was born from listening, attention to detail and respect
towards others.

We are the company that made pizza peels professional

Renato Margarit, founder of Lilly Codroipo, was a man of great ideas, still a source of inspiration today. It was the 1980s when he had the intuition to make the pizza maker’s tools, at the time produced by blacksmiths or woodworkers, professional.

Thanks to his technical and commercial skills, and also stimulated by the fair competition with another historical company, he contributed to introducing the concepts of guaranteed quality, as well as tools designed to give efficiency, speed and safety to the profession, to the point of imagining and realising those minute pizzeria equipment that did not even exist before. And always, with a strong focus on aesthetics.

Today we satisfy pizzerias, fast-food outlets, delicatessens...

We constantly strive to raise the bar so that work can be performed with agility and as little effort as possible, aware of the differences resulting from ovens, types of location, people’s habits and professionalism. And we take pleasure in advising on the most suitable solution. The second generation in the company, made up of Erica, Elena and Matteo Margarit, thus continues on the path traced out from the very beginning, today rich in a vast and complete product range.

Recognised Made in Italy quality

Lilly Codroipo products are the result of a deep knowledge of the sector, with carefully in-house monitored design and production, including all the necessary practical tests. Only this way we are sure that each piece will have that commitment to effective and fast functionality, that care for detail, that selection of reliable materials and that attention to aesthetics that have always been the components of the quality recognised by our customers. And it is a Made in Italy quality: we produce in-house and work with local suppliers and cooperators who share our passion for well-made things.

Available on all continents

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Made in Italy

The Lilly Codroipo products are designed and manufactured strictly in Italy.


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