Become a Lilly Codroipo dealer

For us, the role of the dealer is a guarantee: the one of the best introduction and facilitation to the distribution of our products.
We therefore carefully select each request, assess the territorial coverage and distribution, the type of existing customers, and get to know your expectations, your way of working and any other brands you eventually represent

The main advantages of becoming a Lilly Codroipo dealer
in Italy and worldwide:

Easy products

Lilly Codroipo products are of quality, easy to sell and do not require special service.

Caring interests

We do believe in respect: we favour good agreements and give everyone the space to do a good job.

Assisted start-up

We assist you in the choice of the articles according to the different needs of your customers.

A warehouse you can rely on

With Lilly Codroipo you can count on a well-stocked warehouse: of raw materials, of semi-finished products ready to be customised, and of finished products from our wide range of over 400 items. Respecting the order of incoming requests, it gives you the guarantee of availability for subsequent orders, which is a personal guarantee of reliability for you.

A well-guided choice of articles

At any time during your experience as a Lilly Codroipo dealer, consider that we are always available to guide you in your selections among our products and to give you suggestions for choosing our pizza peels and other products. There are in fact little tricks to learn depending on the type of prepared dishes, the type of used ovens, preferred utensils, available space…

Introduce yourself

Apply for the role of Lilly Codroipo product reseller. With interest, we will read your experiences, expectations and requests and then get to know you better. Fill out the form!