Baking utensils: the materials used

The used materials are aluminium alloys, aluminised iron and stainless steel.

Aluminium alloys

The aluminium alloys used for the grids and pans are heat-resistant and have high thermal conduction.

Utensils made of this material are less strong and durable than those made of stainless steel, but they have excellent heat transmission capabilities, ensuring an optimal and homogeneous baking of products.

Aluminised iron

Aluminised iron, i.e. steel with an aluminium and silicon coating, is moderately strong and has good thermal properties.

The aluminium layer prevents the tin from rusting and facilitates its cleaning.

Stainless steel

The used stainless steel is AISI 304, which has excellent mechanical and heat resistance qualities.

Tools made of stainless steel are resistant, but perform less well than aluminised iron and aluminium in heat transmission.